electron beam welding

Welding machines

Currently our workplace is equipped with two electron welding machines of our own production. Both have a cylindrical chamber and a manipulator allowing rotation and z-shifting of the welded part. In all of them, the electron gun can be positioned on the chamber so that its axis is perpendicular or parallel to the axis of the rotary manipulator (radial and axial welds). Welding at a different angle is made possible by a deflection system. Other welding machine parameters are:

  • The upgraded ES2 electron beam welder with a 600 mm diameter and 490 mm deep chamber and a 50 kV / 1.5 kW electron beam gun
  • Experimental benchtop electron beam welder MEBW-60/2-E (diameter 235 mm, depth 165 mm). It is equipped with an electron gun with accelerating voltage up to 60 kV and power up to 2 kW. The welding electronics are fully digitized. From the control console it is possible to weld in several basic modes, control from a personal computer allows also advanced modes – curve welding and engraving. The curve shape for welding is specified by drawing it in the image taken in SEM mode.

Additional services

As part of our contract research, we provide the following additional services:

  • Determination of leakage of components with the HLT 270 helium finder for joints made with electron beam
  • Workshop facilities with the ability to provide welding fixtures, coolers and other tools
  • Destructive defectoscopy of joints using metallographic cut-outs followed by observation in a light microscope
  • Elemental EDX analysis and REM imaging in collaboration with the Electron microscopy laboratories of the ISI Brno

Welding machines

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