Electron beam welding

Advanced joining technology

Electron beam welding is one of the fusion welding methods that uses a focused high-energy electron beam to heat the joined materials. Upon impact, the kinetic energy of the electrons is converted into heat, which is used to heat the welded parts. Welding usually takes place without additional material. Thanks to the so-called depth effect, depending on the parameters of the welder, considerable thicknesses of material can be welded per pass – over 10 cm in stainless steel.

Our workplace is equipped with two electronic welders of our own production, which have a cylindrical chamber and a manipulator ensuring rotation and vertical feed of the welded part. In both apparatuses, the position of the electron gun on the chamber can be chosen so that its axis is either perpendicular to the axis of the rotary manipulator or parallel to it, and it is therefore possible to perform radial or axial welds.

Additional services

As part of contract research, we provide the following additional services:

  • Determination of leakage of components using the helium detector HLT 270 for connections made by el. bundle, vacuum brazed parts and vacuum bushings
  • Destructive defectoscopy of performed connections
  • Elemental analysis of EDX and imaging at REM in cooperation with Electron microscopy laboratories in ISI

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