Special electronics

Electronics for science

We are engaged in the development of special electronics, especially for electron-optical devices.

Our realizations include, for example:

  • Control electronics for the electronic welder MEBW-60/2
  • High voltage power supply for experimental X-ray generator
  • Design of a 100 kV high voltage precision supply for electron microscopy and lithography
  • Electronics for electrostatic optics of an electron microscope projection column
  • Low noise preamplifier with adjustable gain and selectable low-pass and high-pass filters
  • Rotary platform for experimental cryogenic setup
  • Vacuum soldering furnace control
  • Furnace control for the production of glass seals

Electron beam welder MEBW-60/2

Electronics of electron welder MEBW-60/2. All digital control of the welding process using the CAN bus. High voltage power supply with a maximum voltage of 60 kV with an output of 2 kW. Manufactured by Focus GmbH (formerly) under license from ISI.

Electron optics power supplies

Programmable voltage source for electrostatic projection column containing 24 bipolar sources with output range ±800 V and two high tension supplies with output up to 5 kV.

Low noise preamplifier

Amplifier with adjustable gain 0 to 60 dB with a bandwidth up to 1 MHz with input noise below 1.5 nV/√Hz

Turn table for cryogenics

Platform with a load capacity of up to 400 kg and a maximum speed of 120 RPM for cryogenics experimental setup.

Electron beam welder vacuum system control

The vacuum system includes Roots, rotary, turbomolecular and oil diffusion pumps and a vacuum valve system.

High voltage power supply for e-beam welder

Power 2 kW, maximum voltage 60 kV. Manufactured by Focus GmbH under (former) license from ÚPT.

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