VAcuum brazing

Vacuum furnace PZ810

Modernized vacuum furnace PZ 810 from Tesla Roznov production. It is a vertical furnace of cylindrical shape with hydraulically lifted recipient.


  • Max. dimensions of the insert: diameter 350 mm, height 490 mm (enlarged compared to the original state)
  • Max. long-term temperature 1100 °C, molybdenum heating and shading system
  • Vacuum: 5 × 10-2 Pa to 1 Pa (5 × 10-4 mbar až 10-2 mbar) depending on the type of material and operating temperature
  • Heating system: IR heating by molybdenum heating basket
  • Maximum temperature rise rate: 1500°C per hour
  • Cooling: without using inert refrigerant (natural in high vacuum)
  • Cooling time: typically around 8 hour
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