9 pin d-sub feedthrough on ISO-KF 25 flange

9 pin d-sub feedthrough on ISO-KF 25 flange - air side

The 9 pin d-sub feedthrough is vacuum-tight glass-sealed into an ISO-KF 25 flange provided with O-ring support. For the connection on the vacuum side a bare receptacle can be used, or the connecting wires can be soldered to the pins.


Internal code 02-vaft-00
Pin material Fe – Ni
Flange material stainless steel
Pin cross-section 0.4 mm2
Test voltage 1000 V, dc

Joining dimensions

Flange: ISO-KF 25.


Air-side viewAir-side view

Vacuum-side viewVacuum-side view

Feedthrough including O-ring sealFeedthrough including O-ring seal

Feedthrough installed on a vacuum deviceFeedthrough installed on a vacuum device