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Electron beam in technologies

Heat exchanger welded by electron beam

In the past, as well as today, people looked for ways how to make use of that what the nature offered. The knowledge how to gain, process and use metals, up today belongs to the most important skills. Names of the first known metals, bronze and iron, had given names to the two important historic epochs. The processing of metals can not be done without heating. To the classical methods, fire, gas flame, electric current and electric arc, the new science added two other methods, the laser and electron beams. The technological applications of the latest we shall pursued in the following paper.

What is Electron Beam Welding?

Tavné svařování

The following paper displays a summary of illustrative presentation of electron beam welding. This presentation is a part of Days of Science, taking place regularly in ISI Brno, usually at the beginning of November. The visitors may see in operation an electron beam welding equipment in the laboratory of electron beam welding. The principle and use of the electron beam welder are explained in popular form. The process of welding is practically demonstrated.

Electron Beam Welder MEBW-60/2 at ViennaTek 2008 Fair

ViennaTek 2008

German company Focus GmbH presented on ViennaTec 2008 fair an electron/beam welder MEBW-60/2. Photos taken at this opportunity can be seen in the gallery.


Opened-doors days

Den otevřených dvěří v Ústavu přístrojové techniky v denik.cz

Popularisation of science is unavoidable part of scientific institutes's ac­tivities. Institutes of Czech academy of sciences are organizing every year the so called OPEN-DOOR DAYS. Their visitors can see some interesting physical experiments and ask related questions. Such actions usually take place at the begin of November on Thursday and Friday. The real date can be found at the web page.

Electron beam welding machines in ISI: past&present

E-beam welder ES-2 manufactured and installed in ISI, Brno

The Institute of Scientific Instruments (ISI) of the Czechoslovac Academy of Sciences (CSAV) was founded in 1957 as successor of so-called „Scientific Workshop“. In 1960 the founders, together with three Laboratories of CSAV in Brno, moved to a new site on Kralovopolska street.

The very first experiment with thermal effects of electron beam in ISI was made in about 1963 by Eng. Karel Hladil who used an old electron microscope for this experiment.

The real technological applications of electron beam in ISI have been made by Eng. Ladislav Zobač in the years 1964 through 1966, which resulted in the design of electron beam welder ES2 after 1968.

Prezentace elektronové svářečky MEBW-60/2 na veletrhu Schweißen & Schneiden 2009

Veletrhu Schweißen & Schneiden 2009 (obrázek z webu pořadatele)

V roce září 2009 vystavovala firma Focus GmbH elektronovou svářečku MEBW-60/2 na 17. ročníku významnémného mezinárodního veletrhu Schweißen & Schneiden 2009 v německém Essenu, který je věnován výhradně svářecí a řezací technice.

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