%0 Journal Article
%D 2008
%T Scanning electron beam brazing of thin-wall capillary tube-sheet structure
%A YX. Chen
%A YX. Zhang
%A S. Yao
%A FG. Lu
%P 301–304
%R 10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2007.10.022
%V vol. 203
%X This paper is aimed at research on brazing technological parameters of thin-wall capillary tube-sheet joints with vacuum scanning electron beam (VSEB) heating system, which is a full automatic closed-loop control system and can be used to program and generate any expected scanning tracks by computer virtual technique. As the new method is adopted , general brazing defects such as erosion, burning through, jam will be prevented effectively. Therefore various thin-wall tube-sheet structures can be brazed successfully, and welding quality and brazing productivity have been raised immensely.