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Journal Article
Stone, N.J. - Stuchbery, A.E. - Danchev, M. - Pavan, J. - Timlin, C.L. - Baktash, C. - Barton, C. - Beene, J.R. - Benczer-Koller, N. - Bingham, C.R. et al.  First nuclear moment measurement with radioactive beams by recoil-in-vacuum method: g-factor of the 2(1)(+) state in Te-132. Physical Review Letters, 233 SPRING STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10013 USA: SPRINGER, 94 (19), 2005, p. 205-208, ISSN 1434-6001, DOI 10.1140/epjad/i2005-06-123-0. Abstract
Palmer, T.A. - Elmer, J.W.  Improving process control in electron beam welding using the enhanced modified Faraday cup. JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, , vol. 130, 2008, ISSN 1087-1357, DOI 10.1115/1.2950061. Abstract
Bubley, A.V. - Panasyuk, V.M. - Parkhomchuk, V.V. - Reva, V.B.  Measuringa hollow electron beam profile. Elsevier, A 532, 2004, p. 413-–417, DOI doi:10.1016/j.nima.2004.06.074. Abstract
Kienle, M. - Plies, E.  Simulation of an aberration–compensated parallel beam shift for fast electron-beam welding. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Elsevier, A 427, 1999, p. 282–287.
Conference Paper
Dupák, L. - Zobač, M. - Vlček, I. - Zobačová, J.  ELECTRON BEAM WELDING AT ISI BRNO. RECENT TRENDS IN CHARGED PARTICLE OPTICS AND SURFACE PHYSICS INSTRUMENTATION, Czech Acad Sci, Inst Sci Instruments, 2018, p. {18-20}, ISBN 978-80-87441-23-7.
Paschotta, R.  Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology. Berlin: Wiley-VCH, 2008, p. 844, ISBN 978-3-527-40828-3.