Special technologies

  • Coaxial fedthrough on ISO-KF 16 flange

    Coaxial feedthrough on ISO-KF 16 flange - air side

    This coaxial (one conductor) feedthrough is suitable for transferring DC or AC signals (including RF) into vacuum. It is vacuum-tight sealed into ISO-KF 16 flange, including O-ring support. On air-side is designed for type N receptacle, on vacuum-side for…

  • Single-pin vacuum feedthrough

    Single-pin vacuum glass-sealing feedthrough. The feedthrough can be electron-beam welded, e.g. into custom flange. Its operational temperature range is –196°C to +400°C. It can be used for UHV.

  • Vacuum furnace PZ 810

    Working chamber of vacuum furnace PZ 810

    Modernized vacuum furnace PZ 810 produced by former company Tesla. The furnace has vertical cylindrical chamber.

  • What is Electron Beam Welding?

    Tavné svařování

    The following paper displays a summary of illustrative presentation of electron beam welding. This presentation is a part of Days of Science, taking place regularly in ISI Brno, usually at the beginning of November. The visitors may see…

  • Electron beam welding of thin-walled parts

    Crosssection of an membrane bellows welded by the electron beam

    When some devices (e.g. vacuum or cryogenics) are manufactured, the need to weld thin-walled parts is often met. Application of electron beam for this purpose may bring, compared with micro-plasma or laser) some valuable advantages balancing its higher…

  • Weldability of various materials

    Weld of aluminium parts

    The possibility to join metal parts by fusion welding depends first of all on their metallurgical properties. This problematic is extremely wide, therefore, in this paper, we shall restrict our interest to only some specific questions, more important for…