Micro electron beam welding

NadpisMicro electron beam welding
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsDilthey, U. - Dorfmüller, T.
JournalMicrosystem Technologies

Electron Beam Welding is a well-established bonding method in macro applications. The properties of this method make it very promising for Microsystems, the very small possible beam diameter predestine this technology for the realisation of smallest spot or line welds of metal and also of non-metal materials with locally concentrated energy input into the component. The wearless and inertia-free beam allows highly dynamic joining processes. Where even smallest particles of dust can influence the results, the processing inside a vacuum chamber protect the components to a high degree from contamination and oxide formation during the welding cycle. In this study, the process is downscaled by modifying a scanning electron microscope (SEM), which operates according to the same principle as an electron beam welding machine. This creates the possibility to observe and weld the components with the same device. The necessary modifications are investigated, as well as the possibilities to expand the device, which makes it a promising tool for the flexible production of hybrid Microsystems. The presented investigations and results are acquired within the project SFB 440 Assembly of Hybrid Microsystems, financed by the German Society for Research (DFG).