High Voltage Stability Measurements

NadpisHigh Voltage Stability Measurements
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsZobač, M. - Vlček, I. - Šidlo, S. - Ungerman, I.
JournalElectrotechnics & Electronics
Start Page75
Klíčová slovahigh voltage, measurement, stability

Stability of the accelerating voltage is essential for the correct operation of electron-optical devices. Any periodic and/or random changes in the high-voltage alters the energy of the electrons; thus, affecting their trajectories and resulting in a blurred beam spot. This paper deals with the design of a precise voltage divider for accurate high-voltage measurements (up to 120 kilovolts). A resistive divider enables voltage measurements in the sub-hertz band. An additional capacitance divider allows for the quantification of both the AC ripple and noise voltages in the 25 Hz to 100 kHz band.