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Neukirchner Straße 2
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D-65510 Hünstetten

Since its establishment in 1991, FOCUS has been engaged in the field of electron beam evaporation, electron spectroscopy and electron microscopy as well as in scientific apparatus construction.

Innovative products are developed, manufactured and tested in house. At FOCUS, all instruments, the vacuum components as well as the related electronics and software are developed and fabricated with in-house knowhow, on the basis of modern vacuum, electron optics, electronics and software technology, combined with intelligent control concepts. These include, among others, the electron beam evaporator of the EFM Series, of which over 1000 pieces have been built and sold, worldwide, since 1992. They are used in the production of layers and structures in the atomic or nanometer scale. For the analytics in nano-technology, FOCUS developed a photo emission electron microscope (PEEM), that is now established worldwide in many nano-analytic labs.

FOCUS products have so far been used mainly for industrial and institutional research and development, as well as for quality management. For the most part, FOCUS maintains a strong collaboration with different universities and research institutes, thereby ensuring that FOCUS products always meet the latest demands of the high technology branches in the long term. A number of patents and continuous further development of all products assures and maintains the competitive edge of the company. With a sound foundation of long experience in the development and construction of electron beam devices, FOCUS has firmly established itself in the field of electron beam welding.